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Spa Cover with Square Corners

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Raised Speakers
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Elliptical Hot Tub

(i.e. Hot Spring Classic)

ThermalGuardian Spa Covers are the best you can buy for your hot tub Free Home Delivery on Spa Covers Get The Right Spa Cover Industry Leading Best Return Policy
Return your spa cover for any reason within 30 days of delivery. Restrictions apply.
We feel so confident you will like your new spa cover, that we will allow you to return it within the first 30 days if you don't.
Normal return policies apply.
Our covers are built in accordance with safety standard ASTM 1346-91
Our spa covers feature the required labeling and, when manufactured with four or more tie-down straps, are built in accordance with safety specification ASTM 1346-91.
Many of our covers are covered by a 5 Year Limited Warranty.
Our Best Thermal Guardian spa cover models are covered by our 5 Year Warranty.
Basic model has 1 Year Warranty.
Standard model has 2 Year Warranty.
Ultra model has 3 Year Warranty.
Hot tub covers and spa covers started at $279.95 with free delivery
Additional shipping costs apply to addresses in AK, HI, CA, AZ, NV, CO, WY, ND, SD, NM, OR, WA, ID, UT and MT as well as limited access areas such as dense urban centers, off-shore islands, mountain regions, and remote locations.
Return your spa cover for any reason within 30 days of delivery. Restrictions apply.
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Freight Surcharges For Some States

Though not possible in absolutely all cases, unlike some of our less than truthful competitors, we try to accurately quote you what it will cost you in shipping at the time the order is placed. We've heard reports of companies reaching out to the majority of their spa cover order clients and asking for more money after the order has been placed. Though there are certainly circumstances we have to do this as well, we've tried to be as transparent as possible with shipping costs for our spa covers.
Due to a variety of economic factors, the cost of freight has increased dramatically since the beginning of 2019 which has led to increases in overall spa cover prices. Unfortunately for some parts of the country, the costs have risen exponentially more than others. Though historically we've offered free delivery to most continental US addresses, in order to minimize the price increases overall we have decided the best course of action is to assess shipping surcharges on the areas that have been most affected. These surcharges only cover a small fraction of the cost of the shipping. Many parts of the continental US still enjoy free shipping on spa covers. This action keeps our prices as affordable as possible where possible. Thank you for understanding.
The following states currently have a spa cover shipping surcharge:
Alaska, Hawaii, California, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada and Wyoming.

Thermal Guardian premium spa covers for your hot tub.

Our spa covers feature strong, energy-efficient cores made from virgin EPS foam. Virgin EPS Foam Cores   
Our insulating, tapered foam cores are strong, energy-efficient and will shed water.

SpaLux Premium Spa Cover Fabric SPALUX Premium Spa Vinyl    SpaLux premium spa cover vinyl
The best performing vinyl covering fabric due to its superior strength and UV resistance.

12oz polyester double-laminate bottom material Strong Polyester Bottom Material
12oz. Double-laminated. Treated and tested for chlorine, bromine & ozone resistance.

Our covers feature premium rubber-grip handles Convenient Open/Close Handles    more information on premium rubber handles for spa covers
Upgrade to rubber grip handles for a nominal fee
Super-strong featuring a rubber grip for easy opening & closing

6 mil vapor barrier helps keep the moisture out of the cover's foam core. Water Proof Vapor Barrier    6 mil vapor barrier
Double-wrap your foam for more protection.
Industry-leading thickness & protection. Helps keep the moisture getting into your foam cores.


Free upgrade to adjustable straps Strong Tie-Down Straps   
Our covers come with all the hardware you need to install it. Broken clip? Don't worry. It's all included with your new spa cover.

Steel support beams Steel Support C-Channel Beams   
Our steel support beams are 2.5" wide and offer maximum strength to discourage bowing.

UV-resistant Sungard thread is industrial strength UV-resistant SunGard Thread
93# UV and mildew-resistant polyester industrial thread keeps our covers stitched for years.


ASTM spec manufacturing ASTM Safety Cover    Thermal Guardian spa covers are ASTM manual safety covers
Our covers are manufactured to meet or exceed ASTM 1346-91 for manual safety covers.

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Why buy a Thermal Guardian spa cover from America's SPA-MART?

Our Thermal Guardian spa covers are a cut above the competition as a mix of the finest-quality spa cover at a competitive price. They feature the following, setting us above the competition:

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Beautiful Tailored Appearance Beautiful Tailored Appearance
Our Thermal Guardian Premium Spa Covers are great looking!

Thermal Guardian spa covers are the best looking hot tub cover that you can buy

Over 20 Years of Spa Cover Experience Many Years of Spa Cover Experience. We've been doing this since 1983.
Are you buying from someone that knows spa covers or someone telling you what you want to hear? We know about covers because we have marketed and sold them for a long time.

Tapered Foam Cores for Rainwater Run-off Tapered Foam Cores for Rainwater Run-off more info
We offer a variety of densities and tapers to give you more of a selection of price to functionality. Our spa covers are tapered so the rainwater runs off your cover instead puddling on it. We highly recommend our Thermal Guardian models because they feature 2 " of fall instead of only 1" found on offerings from other retailers.

UV-Resistant SpaLux Premium Spa Cover Vinyl UV-Resistant SpaLux Premium Spa Cover Vinyl more info
Our SpaLux vinyl has been specially formulated for the rigors that outdoor spa covers face. Exceeds the specifications of premium marine-grade vinyl.

Exceeds the ASTM F1346-91 specification for manual safety spa covers Exceeds the ASTM F1346-91 specification for manual safety spa covers more info
Thermal Guardian spa covers exceed the specification for center-deflection perimeter rescue and the safety labeling requirements of ASTM F1346-91. Some jurisdictions are requiring that spa covers be manufactured in accordance with these guidelines.

Premium Materials = Premium Spa Cover Premium Materials = Premium Spa Cover
A spa cover is the sum of its parts. If you use good materials in the manufacture of a spa cover, you will get a good spa cover. In over 20 years of spa cover manufacturing, our manufacturer has found the finest materials available to build our covers. From the UV-treated thread to the industrial zippers and the premium SpaLux vinyl to the virgin EPS foam, Thermal Guardian premium spa covers are manufactured to the highest quality standard.

Over 20 Years of Spa Cover Experience Premium Materials + Superior Technology + Quality Craftsmanship
The recipe for a great, long-lasting spa cover is simple. You start with Premium Materials. You acquire Superior Technology and assemble a team of experienced Quality Craftsmen and women who are paid to care what the product looks like. The watertight vapor barrier is sealed with a 9' long computer-controlled impulse sealer that makes a seal second to none. It is drastically better than foam cores sealed with small, undependable hand sealers. Our covers' patterns are cut by Otto. That would be the computerized cutter that doesn't make a mistake within a 1/1000th of an inch. There aren't computers that sew the cover, but even better a team of seamstresses tailor your cover to the fit you require.

Best seal in the industry

Fast Delivery 10-14 days plus freight Custom-Made Especially For You more info
Our custom made-to-order spa covers are all specifically crafted for you and typically ship in 4 to 10 weeks. Need it faster? We offer a Rush Service so it ships in no more than 3 days!

Patterns are cut by a CNC cutter and sewn by our experienced craftsmen and women.

Thermal Guardian Spa Covers Are Available In These 10 Colors

hunter green
ash grey
navy blue
light blue
weathershield black
weathershield brown
weathershield grey
weathershield mahogany
weathershield taupe
Clicking on each color will open a new window with a larger color swatch

Our Customers Love Our Spa Covers

Since 1983, we have literally made hundreds of thousands of covers. We are so proud when someone takes time to send us a note expressing how much they like our work. Here are just few of the testimonials we've received over the years.

Love Our New Spa Cover!
Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your prompt delivery of our new spa cover. The cover looks great . fits perfectly and greatly enhances our hot tub. Great doing business with your company and i would gladly recommend to anyone looking for a quality product.
Garberville, GA
Great Spa Cover!
I received my spa cover, in good shape, yesterday. It's quite handsome and fits my spa well. Thanks so much for a well made product. It's lighter than my old one which will save my back when have to take it on and off to use the tub. Thanx a million!
Gainesville, FL
The New Cover Is Great!
I had ordered a Spa Cover from your company a few months ago, and am quite pleased with the product and service I received. Thank you for your great work!
Hershey, PA
Better Quality Spa Cover!
I am very pleased with the cover and it seems to be a better quality than my last cover. Thank you!
Toledo, OH
Best Spa Cover I've Owned!
I received my new hot tub cover last week and it's great! I just flopped the new cover on and latched it. ( I saw from your website that you use the same latches as my existing cover.) I am very pleased with my purchase and plan on coming to your company again when the next replacement is needed.
Tulsa, OK
Thank You!
I received my spa cover today. I am pleased with the quality of the construction and the dimensions are perfect. Thank you!
Chicago, IL
Easy, Hassle-Free Transaction!
Thank you for the great service and timely delivery of my spa cover. The size was perfect and the quality is outstanding. It is great to get service from an online order....thanks again.
Mukwonago, WI
Cover Fits Great!
Just wanted to drop you a quick note thanking you for my new hot tub cover. It fits like a glove. Very happy with the color and craftsmanship. Again thanx for a great product.
Knightdale, NC
Fits Like A Glove!
Received the cover today. It fits perfect. Good job. Thank You.
Rochester, IN
Love My New Cover!
Thank you! It's great!
La Plata, MD
Great Hot Tub Cover!
I received my cover today and installed it on my tub. I want to thank you for a wonderful product. It fit perfect, the color is great, nice and light, Nice material and the price was great. Great job and I look forward to buying my next product from your company! Thank you.
Parsippany, NJ
Perfect Cover!
Just wanted you to know that the pool table cover is perfect. Thanks.
Las Vegas, NV
Thank You!
My wife and I are very happy with the spa cover and the lift arm we purchased from your company. Thank you for your fast delivery.
St. Charles, MO
Perfect Cover!
Just wanted you to know that the pool table cover is perfect. Thanks.
Las Vegas, NV
Great Fit!
We received the pool table cover yesterday and it fits perfectly! Thank you.
Stoneham, MA
Spa Cover Priced Right!
I want to thank you for the very satisfactory experience I had purchasing a spa cover. The cover arrived in exactly two weeks from the time I placed my order. It looks nice, is very well made, and the fit is fine.
Sunset, LA

Models Featuring STANDARD-DUTY 1.0# Density EPS Foam Cores


The Thermal Guardian BASIC spa cover is an economy grade product targeted for use on spas that are indoors. It is NOT WARRANTED for outdoor use. Only available in BROWN, 2" skirt and 2 straps.

One Year Warranty - 3 mil Vapor Barrier - Ideal for Indoor Spas
4" x 2" Tapered 1# Density Foam - Color can only be BROWN - Skirt is 2"

Today's Low Price
$ 349.95

The Thermal Guardian ECONOMY spa cover is an economy grade product targeted for use on spas that are indoors. It is NOT WARRANTED for outdoor use.
Unlike the BASIC model, this may be ordered in all colors and skirt lengths.

One Year Warranty - 6 mil Vapor Barrier - Ideal for Indoor Spas
4" x 2" Tapered 1# Density Closed-cell Virgin EPS Foam Cores

Today's Low Price
$ 369.95

The Thermal Guardian STANDARD spa cover is an affordable solution that is good for moderate climates. Versus the Basic, It features thicker foam, longer warranty and thicker vapor barrier.

Two Year Warranty - 6 mil Vapor Barrier
5" x 3" Tapered 1# Density Closed-cell Virgin EPS Foam Cores

Today's Low Price
$ 409.95


The Thermal Guardian ULTRA spa cover model is a great spa cover for people that are looking for great energy-efficiency, but want to keep the weight of the product down.

Three Year Warranty - 6 mil Vapor Barrier
6" x 4" Tapered 1# Density Closed-cell Virgin EPS Foam Cores

Today's Low Price
$ 459.95

Models Featuring MEDIUM-DUTY 1.5# Density EPS Foam Core
These cores are 50% STRONGER and ABSORB LESS WATER!


The Thermal Guardian ENERGY SAVER spa cover is a great upgrade from the Standard cover yielding better strength and energy-efficiency. This is a popular choice for moderate climates that see all four seasons.

Three Year Warranty - 6 mil Vapor Barrier
5" x 3" Tapered 1.5# Density Closed-cell Virgin EPS Foam Cores

Today's Low Price
$ 469.95

Models Featuring HEAVY-DUTY 2.0# Density EPS Foam Core


The Thermal Guardian DELUXE spa cover is BY FAR our most popular model. It's strength and energy-efficiency at its price-point make the DELUXE the best option for most spa owners.

Five Year Warranty - 6 mil Vapor Barrier
5" x 3" Tapered 2# Density Closed-cell Virgin EPS Foam Cores

Today's Low Price
$ 509.95


The Thermal Guardian SUPREME spa cover is our thickest, densest cover. It's super strong and features the highest R-value of any cover we offer.

Five Year Warranty - 6 mil Vapor Barrier
6" x 4" Tapered 2# Density Closed-cell Virgin EPS Foam Cores

Today's Low Price
$ 569.95

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30 oz. SpaLux Premium Vinyl
Virgin-bead EPS Foam
Locking Tie-Down Straps
6mil VaporShieldPE barrier
Two Easy-Open Handles
Heat-Saving Steam Stoppers

ThermalGuardian spa cover metrics key
Wondering what all those stars and the length of the red bar mean?
It's just a way to communicate to you the differences between our models. We suggest you use these pictograms as a guide to choose among the varying spa cover base models that we offer. Think of them as comparing one Thermal Guardian model to another.

Prices valid on sizes up to 96" x 96". Additional charges may apply for special cover features to accomodate speakers, headrests, handrails, etc.
Free delivery is to qualified addresses in the continental United States. Restrictions apply.

Additional charges apply to locations in Hawaii, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Utah, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, New York City, Miami FL, remote locations or offshore islands.
Click here for more information on our spa cover free shipping policies.

* 5 Year Warranty not available on the Basic nor Standard spa cover model.
** 30 Day Money Back Guarantee is subject to our sales terms and conditions.