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Up to55% OFFretail prices on top-quality ClarityElite filter cartridges for spas, hot tubs and pools.

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Filter Cartridges
Spas & Hot Tubs

Hundreds of filters available for many brands of spas and hot tubs. We feature one of the widest variety of filter cartridges.

Spa Filter Cartridge


High Performance Filtration Fabric

Our filters have excellent cleanability.

Excellent Cleanability

Highly-uniform media allows easy and thorough cleaning. With superior thickness and stiffness, it holds up to the rigors of multiple cleaning.

Our filters have excellent cleanability.

Trilobal Shape Is More Efficient

Trilobal fibers deliver 21-40% greater effective surface area when compared to competing products. The trilobal shape also helps catch particles, increasing efficiency without the pressure drop penalty, meaning less filter cleaning.

filter pleats

Engineered Full Flow Cores

Our filters have excellent cleanability.

The center core is thermally bonded as one unit which provides additional strength and a positive flow.


Spa Filter Cartridges, Spa Filters, Hot Tub Filters

America’s SPA-MART has the largest variety of quality spa filters, hot tub filters, and spa filter cartridges of all kinds and all brands on the Internet. From Pleatco to Onyx and dozens of other top name brands, all of the accessories and filters that we offer to our customers stand on a reputation of quality and reliability. No matter what size, brand, or model you might need, there is a great chance that we have exactly what you are looking for. The best spa filters and cartridges are built to OEM design specifications for quality and reliability, so you can be sure that every one of our products will work exactly as you need them to for as long as you need them to. With the latest designs and models in filtration technology, our filters are guaranteed to keep your spa or hot tub clean, beautiful, and healthy.