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Covermate Spa Cover Lifters by Leisure Concepts

Leisure Concepts has been producing spa cover removal devices since 1994. Their Covermate line of spa cover lifters are made in the USA and are recognized throughout our industry as a first-class product. The original Covermate 1 is a high pivot point lift system that only requires about 9" of clearance to use. The Covermate 2 takes the cover close to the ground and is designed in a way that the user can use their foot to help take it off. The Covermate Easy also is a low-mount, but attaches in the back of the spa instead of the side. The Covermate 3 is a high-mount lift that features gas-shocks to assist in the removal process. It also is available in a deckmount version. The Covermate Freestyle is designed for spas that are not compatible with most removal systems: round and octagon spas.

The Covermate line of hot tub cover lifts present a variety of choices when you need a spa cover removal system.

Covermate Gas Shock Assisted Spa Cover Lifters

$279.95 MSRP $369.99
Variable mounting and space efficient cover lift. One of the more heavy-duty lifts available. Great when you only have 5-6" behind the spa.
$299.95 MSRP $399.99
Deckmount version of the fantastic Covermate III spa cover lifter. Must be used for deckmount inground spas.

$279.95 MSRP $369.99
Designed for tubs that normally would not accommodate a lifter like round spas.

$229.95 MSRP $299.99
Gas-Shock Assisted.
Economical version of the
dependable Covermate 3 lift .

Covermate Manual Pivot Spa Cover Lifters

$189.95 MSRP $249.99
Great all-around cover lifter that's easy to use and priced right.
#1 selling lift in USA.

$219.95 MSRP $249.99
This lift features will take your cover closest to the ground. Also available in a model that does not have to be attached to the spa.

$189.95 MSRP $249.99
A simple and proven design, yet more durable and with a touch of class! Compare to EZ-Lifter and Cover Butler.
$229.95 MSRP $249.99
Covermate 2 Understyle is the perfect solution for spa owners that prefer not to drill into the cabinet of their hot tub when installing the lift. Practically identical to the Covermate 2 except for the customized mounting bracket.
$169.95 MSRP $215.99
Most affordable lift from Covermate.
Offers economical alternative to Covermate 1.