Thermal Guardian Covers feature Virgin EPS Foam Cores

Thermal Guardian hot tub covers have 3" of fall for rainwater run-offWhen we started selling spa covers over 35 years ago, they were flat. Quickly some of us realized that standing puddles of water were not a good thing for spa covers. Hence, the age of tapered spa covers began. For outdoor applications, we recommend a minimum of 2" of fall meaning that the center of the cover should be 2" thicker than the outer edge. This enable the cover to shed water like the roof of a house.

The 5" x 3 " tapered foam cores of the ThermalGuardian Standard and ThermalGuardian Deluxe are GUARANTEED to allow water to roll off the cover and avoid the puddles that will break your cover's expensive foam cores.

Don't get caught spending hundreds of dollars replacing your foam cores by buying a cheap 4"x3" cover that won't shed the water like our ThermalGuardian premium spa covers will.

Our foam cores are made from only virgin Expanded PolyStyrene (EPS) foam. Recycled foam is cheaper, but the virgin bead foam we use is much stronger.

EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) Insulation is a moisture resistant closed cell foam which contains no ozone depleting CFCs or HCFCs and is 100% recyclable. It also offers the best insulating value per dollar spent of any material available today. Additionally, its long-term insulation value is assured since aging has absolutely no effect upon performance.

EPS foamThe foam we use meets or exceeds physical and thermal property standards as established in ASTM C 578.

• Low Moisture Absorption: Moisture absorption rates decrease as density
increases, but are still minimal. Material thickness can increase moisture
absorption performance.
• Inert: Experiences no physical or chemical breakdown over time. No nutrient
value to animals, insects, organisms. No nutrient value to bacterial growth
i ncluding mold.
• No Leachates: Will not contaminate the surrounding environment.