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Rush Manufacturing Option: Your Cover Ships in 5 days or less!

We understand that most people don't order a new spa cover until they absolutely have to. Even though we custom-make each cover to order, we have made fast turnaround a priority. Our current production lead time is 12 to 16 weeks. Even if we have to ship across country from our Midwestern USA location, shipping time is rarely over 4-10 days. Lead times vary due to the seasonal demand of this product, so contact us for the most up to date production backlog schedule. Our busiest times of the year for spa covers are June, July, September and October.

Need it even faster? Our rush production service is available for only $229. With this option selected, your cover is guaranteed to ship in no more than five business days from the time we finalize the details of your order with you.

What does this Rush Manufacturing Fee cover? Why does it cost so much?

  • Your spa cover will be custom-manufactured and shipped from our Ohio facility in five business days or less. Your order is sent to the front of the production line.
  • Your spa cover will be shipped via a freight carrier instead of on one of our scheduled routes on our company vehicles. This can be hundreds of dollars in cost difference.

When does the 5 business days start?

  • For most orders, the 5 business days clock starts on the following business from the order date.
  • If there is a question on your order, we will reach out. The rush production clock does not start until all questions have been answered and confirmed.

What is not included as a service in the Rush Manufacturing Fee?

  • The Rush Manufacturing Fee ONLY applies to us getting the spa cover manufactured and shipped within the allotted time. Shipping time is additional.
  • You are NOT GUARANTEED to have the spa cover in your possession in 5 business days. As noted above, shipping time is not included in the service and is not guaranteed.

How likely is it that I will have my spa cover delivered to me in 5 business day?

  • It is extremely UNLIKELY you will be in possession of your new spa cover in 5 business days. The service covers the manufacturing time, not the shipping transit time.