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Cover Saver: Spa Cover Lifter Accessory

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While a spa cover lifter makes removing the cover easier, they can lead to premature damage being done to your cover's hinge. The Cover Saver removes all the stress from the hinge of the spa cover.

Cover lifters function by lifting and hanging the spa cover by the vinyl hinge that connects the two halves. While our covers are reinforced to add extra protection against this overworked area of the cover ripping out prematurely, covers just aren't designed to have their entire weight supported by the hinge. Most spa cover warranties, including the one that covers our ThermoShield and ThermoGuardian covers, have an exclusion regarding any damage caused by cover lifters.

All spa covers will eventually get heavy from water absorption. Even a cover specifically designed to accommodate a spa cover lift will eventually be damaged from this excess weight.

But we have good news! The Spa Cover Saver eliminates ALL stress from the covers hinge yet still fully supports the weight of the cover on the lifter!

  • cover saverExtends the life of your cover.
  • Transfers the weight of the cover from the weakest area to the strongest area.
  • Prevents damage to the center seam of the cover.
  • The two part system with nylon strapping is durable and functional.


  • cover saverSimple and easy installation within minutes.
  • Adjustable for any size cover.
  • Instructions are simple and easy to follow.
  • Can be installed on any new or existing cover lifter.
  • No tools required to install.


Compatible with "bar-style" cover lifters such as:

  • Covermate Easy
  • Covermate I
  • Covermate II
  • Covermate III
  • Cover Rock-It
  • Cover Up!
  • Cover Valet (on square spas and spas with round corners less than 10" radii)
  • Cover Genie (on square spas and spas with round corners less than 10" radii)


cover saver

cover saver

cover saver

cover saver

When the cover and lifter are open, there is no stress on the hinge.

This is because the cover is being supported by the Cover Saver's T-Brackets, not the cover's hinge.

With the spa cover resting on the T-Brackets and not hanging from a bar, the Cover Saver is "saving your cover

The T-Brackets are attached to your cover and its lift with strong UV-resistant nylon webbing straps.

Save your spa cover for only $39.95




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Cover Saver
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This poor cover never had a Cover Saver. It never had a chance.

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cover saver