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A floating spa cover can make a great addition to your spa. By adding a layer of insulation at the water level, evaporation is greatly reduced. This brings benefits such as:

  • Lower Heating Costs
    Reduction of moisture between your spa's water and the insulating cover reduces energy bills.
  • Lower Chemical Costs
    Chlorine and Bromine sanitizers "gas-off" your spa. Adding a floating cover reduced costly chemical evaporation.
  • Longer Cover Life
    Evaporation is the delivery vehicle for contaminants to reach your insulating spa cover . By reducing evaporation, you reduce the amount of contaminants "gassing-off" and breaking down the structure of your insulating spa cover.

Start saving money today with the addition of one of these floating spa covers. Just select the size you need and trim to fit your particular spa's shape and dimensions. Available size is 8' square ... just cut to size.

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8' Square Floating Spa Cover