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Mineral Harmony Refresh (Shock) - 2lb

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Description Mineral Harmony Refresh (Shock) - 2lb

Mineral Harmony REFRESH is a powerful oxygen based oxidizer. When used regularly, this product will help eliminate contaminants introduced by bathers and environmental factors like rain and wind. This product will not raise chlorine levels or produce combined chlorine. This product restores sparkle and clarity to spa water. It will not increase calcium hardness or stabilizer levels. This product contains no chlorine or other disinfectants.

Size: 2 lb.

About Mineral Harmony
Mineral treated spas require the regular testing and balancing of the water for the minerals to perform properly.  Mineral Harmony was developed exclusively for use with mineral treated spa water.

Reviews Mineral Harmony Refresh (Shock) - 2lb

Shipping Weight: 2.00 pounds

Size: 2 lb.

Brand: Mineral Harmony

Mfr Part Number: 2770

Product Type: Spa Shock

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