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Leisure Time Free Sanitizing System - BaquaSpa alternative

Free System
The Free sanitizing system is 100% chlorine and bromine-free. It is comprised of three main products that work together to keep your water sparkling clean and clear. Free is great for sensitive skin and is virtually odor-free. It is a biguanide-based spa water care system. It is an alternative to the BaquaSpa and Soft Soak lines of biguanide-based spa care.

Biguanides (whose chemical name, polyhexamethylene biguanide, is abbreviated PHMB) were first developed as a pre-surgery antimicrobial scrub. Despite their aggressive desire to kill germs, biguanides are gentle on the skin and eyes. In fact, biguanides are used in some contact lens cleaning solutions. And because they reduce the surface tension of water, swimmers often comment that biguanide-treated water feels silky smooth.

Compared with chlorine or bromine, biguanides are less susceptible to UV rays, and they are more stable (which means that their sanitizing power lasts longer). They do not produce smelly chloramines (the byproduct of inactive chlorine), and they are not affected by high temperatures or changes in pH. Also, most biguanide manufacturers have devised simple-to-follow sanitizing schedules that make a biguanide pool or spa easier to maintain than a pool sanitized with chlorine.

Advantages of the Free Sanitizing System:
This 100% chlorine-free, bromine-free, odor-free sanitizing system is easy on sensitive skin while keeping water crystal clear and clean. And you won't have to worry about it fading your bathing suit or damaging your hair. Free is a softer, gentler way to sanitize.

Why should you buy Leisure Time Free over BaquaSpa?
There is one big reason you should buy Leisure Time Free over BaquaSpa: PRICE.

Leisure Time Free products are typically less expensive than their BaquaSpa equivalents. They are also the exact same product. Did you know that Arch Chemicals owns BaquaSpa and Leisure Time? Both the Leisure Time Free and the BaquaSpa products come from the same vat upon manufacture.* Even before Arch bought Advantis (parent company of Leisure Time), Arch Chemicals made the Free Sanitizing System for Leisure Time. BaquaSpa costs more because it's the name that everyone knows. If you want the same great product for less money, try the Leisure Time Free system. You won't notice a difference. Below is a cross-reference chart for the Leisure Time Free and the BaquaSpa lines.

* BaquaSpa and Free products that are identical:
Waterline Control is Control, Oxidizer is Boost, Sanitizer is Free, and Surface Cleaner is Cleanse

BaquaSpa Products


Leisure Time Free Replacements

BaquaSpa Waterline Control

Leisure Time Control
Buy Control for only $12.95 (1 Qt.)

BaquaSpa Oxidizer (Shock)

Leisure Time Boost
Buy Boost for only $7.95 (32 oz.)

BaquaSpa Sanitizer

Leisure Time Free
Buy Free for only $14.95 (16 oz.)

BaquaSpa Surface Cleaner

Leisure Time Cleanse
Buy Cleanse for only $8.95 (16 oz.)

BaquaSpa Metal Control

Leisure Time Metal Gon

BaquaSpa Water Clarifier

Leisure Time Bright and Clear

BaquaSpa Filter Cleaner

Leisure Time Filter Clean

BaquaSpa Foam Disperser

Leisure Time Foam Down

BaquaSpa Test Strips (25 qty)

Leisure Time Free 4-way Test Strips (50 qty)
Twice as many test strips!

Leisure Time Free Sanitizing System Features:

  • chlorine-free and bromine-free sanitizing system for spas
  • Gentle on eyes, hair, and skin.


Start-up and Maintenance:
See individual product labels for Free, Boost and Control for specific instructions on dosages and applications.

Compatible With:

Free products are compatible with the Leisure Time Simple Spa Care specialty line of products.


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Simple Spa Care for the Leisure Time Free Sanitizing System

[PDF Version] Requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader



Frequently Asked Questions about the Free Sanitizing System


What is the Leisure Time FREE Sanitizing System?

FREE is a bromine-free, chlorine-free and odor-free sanitizing system for sensitive skin that provides powerful, long-lasting protection against bacteria. The Free system consists of three basic products – Free, a biguanide sanitizer, Boost, a non-chlorine liquid shock, and Control, a waterline control agent featuring stain and scale protection. The active ingredient in Free is polyhexamethylene biguanide. When compared to bromine or chlorine, Free is considerably more table in hot water and lasts much longer than traditional spa treatments. Because Free is bromine-free and chlorine-free, there's no harsh chemical odor, no burning eyes, no bleached hair or swimsuits, and no dry itchy skin.

My spa clouds up when I follow the start-up procedure. Why?

If the water is cold when Control is added during the fill cycle, it may cloud up. This is only temporary. By the time the spa is warm enough to use, the water should be clear.

How often should I test my spa water using the Free system?

Follow the Simple Spa Care Program, which is a weekly routine of testing and adding the proper products based on the test results. The program also includes monthly filter and cover cleaning, as well as draining the spa about every three months.

Why do I need to drain the water in my spa every three months?

Although Free is persistent at controlling bacteria, it is important to remember that a spa is a small body of water. So, continual use means bathers will deposit large amounts of dirt, perspiration, body oils, deodorant, make-up and other contaminants into a relatively small volume of water. If your spa is used heavily approximately two people, three times a week, a half hour at a time) we recommend that you change your water every 60 days. If the spa is used less rrequently, changing the water every 90 days should be adequate. Naturally, if a serious water quality problem arises, you'll want to change the water immediately.

What else should I do when I drain the spa?

Clean the surface with CitraBright, wipe it dry, and apply Fast Gloss to protect, seal and keep the spa finish from fading. Leisure Time also offers Jet Clean for removing and preventing buildup from forming in plumbing. Jet Clean should be used just prior to draining.

How often should I clean my spa’s filter?

A clean filter is a key ingredient to maintaining sparkling, clear water, so you should clean your spa's filter monthly with Leisure Time Instant Cartridge Clean following label directions. You should soak your filter overnight, deep cleaning with Filter Clean every three months or whenever you drain the spa.

How often should I clean my spa’s cover?

Depending on use, plan to clean your spa's cover once a month with either Cover Wipes or Cover Care & Conditioner. Pay particular attention to the waterside of the cover. A frequent cleaning of your cover will protect it and keep it smelling fresh.

Is FREE compatible with my spa’s ozonator?

Yes. Free is compatible with an ozonator. You should follow all label directions for Free and other Leisure Time products. If you are using your ozonator, we recommend that you test your sanitizer level every four days instead of our recommended once a week for spas without an ozonator.

Even after adding Control, I still sometimes get a waterline ring buildup on my spa. What’s the cause and how do I prevent this?

There are several possible answers to this question. To determine the cause of your waterline, start by making sure your spa water is properly balanced. Test to make sure that total alkalinity, calcium hardness, pH, Free sanitizer and metal levels are all within the proper ranges. If you’re not sure, enter the results in the online water test at

If the water is balanced, you’ve ruled out water balance as the culprit. Next, confirm that the proper startup dose (1 oz. per every 100 gallons of water) of Control was used at start up, and that it was added prior to the startup dose of Free.

If the start-up procedure was followed correctly and the water was in balance, but you still have a ring, make sure that the filter is running a minimum of 6-8 hours a day and that Boost is added on a weekly basis at the proper dose.

If all of the above are correct, it may be necessary to add your maintenance dose of Control more than once a week. Try adding at the first sign of any buildup in order to control the situation. You can also add or increase your frequency of using Enzyme. Remove any existing waterline deposits with CitraBright.

Sometimes I notice a musty odor coming from my spa. How do I prevent this?

First, clean your spa cover (both sides) thoroughly with Cover Wipes or Cover Care & Conditioner following label directions. Ensure that your spa area has proper ventilation if it's indoors.

Second, make sure that you are using the right amounts of each product for your spa size. If you are using your spa more than 3 times a week, be sure to use the higher maintenance dose of Boost (2 oz. per 100 gallons of water).

Third, make sure that no incompatible chemicals have been added to the spa. You may also add an additional dose of Control (1/2 oz per 100 gallons of water).

Finally, check to see when you last drained your spa. Spas with water older than 60-90 days should be drained and refilled. If the odor persists, even if the water is less than one month old, add Jet Clean, and drain the spa. Clean the spa surface with CitraBright, then refill with fresh water.



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