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ThermalGuardian Spa Cover Warranty Information

One of the most frequent questions that we get about our spa covers relates to their warranties. We proudly post our warranty information here for you to peruse before making your purchase decision. As you may have noticed, some companies do not. We think it's important, so we let you know upfront what covered.

ThermalGuardian Supreme, Deluxe, and Walk-on covers carry a 5 year warranty. Our ThermalGuardian Ultra hot tub covers have a 3 year warranty. Our ThermalGuardian Standard hot tub covers have a 2 year warranty. Our ThermalGuardian Basic hot tub covers have a 1 year warranty for INDOOR USE only.
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Here is us on our soap-box about warranties on spa covers:

We get asked a lot about our spa cover warranty and how important it is to look at a cover's warranty when making a purchase decision. Unfortunately, the answer is a bit complicated. Covering a spa cover with a warranty is not complicated, but over the years the marketing ploys of some spa cover sellers has muddied the water and given consumers a false impression that it is a guarantee of performance. Simply put, almost all spa covers are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship and exclude many "out of our control" factors like acts of Gods and negligence on the part of the spa cover owner. The most important exclusion that all cover warranties have is shipping costs. Like most products that you buy, shipping is a cost you absorb when having return the cover for warranty repair or replacement. With most products, this cost is not prohibitive. With spa covers, it certainly can be as it many times exceeds $130 each way.

So are all warranties useless? Not necessarily. We recommend that you choose your spa cover based upon how you feel about the company that is going to be asked to stand behind it. Unfortunately many people fall for those long 7 year warranties even though they aren't sure about the company. America's SPA-MART partners with Sonshine Products for its spa covers. They have been building covers since 1983 and have a good track record with less than 1 out of every 2000 covers made having reported warranty issues.

It's about how much you trust the company to take care of you if there is a problem. So to answer the overall question, our advice is to let the warranty be a secondary or tertiary factor in your decision of which cover to buy. You really shouldn't let the warranty be the deciding factor when purchasing a spa cover.