Spa Cover Upgrade: FULL-LENGTH HINGESEAL- add $30

Double-wrapped foam cores for only 25 dollars moreThe Full Length Hinge Seal Option for our Thermal Guardian premium spa covers allows your spa cover to be a little more energy efficient by sealing the entire hinge instead of just the 4" in on each side.
NOTE: You will NOT lose steam from your spa with the standard steam-stoppers.

This option helps prevent heat from escaping from an area most people don't even think about. The standard steam stoppers are two pads that are placed on the underside of the cover, at the ends, between the two halves to prevent steam and heat from escaping when the cover is installed on your spa. Whereas the standard steam stoppers will prevent the steam any steam from escaping, the Full Length Hinge Seal Option will make the cover more energy efficient overall by filling in the entire gap between the two halves.

If you have any additional questions regarding this option, feel free to contact us.